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Soft Storage - Handprinted Decorative Holder

We absolutely love these multi-purpose soft storage holders, made from 100% cotton. Use them at the table to serve artisanal breads or bring your indoor plants to life by displaying them in this stylish soft storage holder.

The designs are inspired by Nomadic life on the African continent with reference to the hunter-gatherer tribes, living in tents with a lifestyle of foraging and constant change and adaptation to their environment. These patterns can be layered to create a ‘gathered’ look.

Arrow: The simple design shows a stylized version of an arrow-head. Many Nomadic tribes still use this primitive way of hunting with bow & arrow. The triangle is also a significant symbol in Africa, symbolising water or fire.

Banana Leaf: Native to Kenya, banana leaf art is composed of tiny slices of banana leaves that are cut and pasted or woven together, the art of which has been constant in African Art for Centuries.

Size:  26.5cm x 22cm  Weight:  120g

100% cotton. Cold machine wash.

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