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Copa Gin Glass

These stylish Copa gin glasses are mouth blown by skilled artisans, using 100% recycled glass, which is collected by the people in the Kingdom of Eswatini. Global gin connoisseurs are now trading traditional highball glasses for the Çopa de Balon. The shape of the Copa gin glass is perfectly designed to trap the aromas of your chosen gin, and the elongated stem ensures that body heat does not contribute towards warming your perfect gin and tonic cocktail. 

These Copa gin glasses are wrapped in unread discarded newspapers directly from the factory in Eswatini.

Size: 11cm W x 17.5cm H  Weight:  320g

Dishwasher safe.

As each Copa gin glass is individually mouth blown, slight variations to colour, size and glass thickness  should be expected, adding to its unique quality. Sold individually.

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