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Supporting Sustainability

Artisan Lifestyle Supporting Sustainability

At Artisan Lifestyle we are fully committed to building long lasting relationships and supporting the development of local artisans.  Through our business model we endeavour to provide growing global market access to artisans, which we believe is an effective and sustainable way of uplifting artisans and their local communities.   



Artistry and skilled handcraft are abundant in the African market.  And the end result of these handiworks, using mostly raw, natural materials is stylish and inspirational.  In our business model we choose to partner with craft businesses and artisans, where fair trade policies and ethical sourcing is of the utmost importance.  Many of our local artisans with whom we work create well designed, superior quality artefacts.  Our job, as their partner, is to provide access to a wider market, ensure absolute quality control and business support where necessary.  



10% of all profits from Artisan Lifestyle developed and branded products, are reinvested directly with individual artists and into artisan communities, in order to grow and develop these artisan small businesses and contribute positively to local communities.  



The Artisan Lifestyle brand is further committed to the use of only recyclable and eco-friendly packaging for all products.






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