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The Festive Season: A Season to Give Thanks

December 03, 2018

Festive season gift.  Handmade bowl.

How do we go into this season of bountiful abundance, whilst remaining true to the simple values of this season? 
This is the season open to generosity and thoughtful giving.  It is the season which permits precious moments with our closest family and friends.  It is the season which allows us to show appreciation towards all those that have impacted our daily lives; big or small.  It is the season to reflect on life’s challenges and appreciate life’s brilliant moments.  It is the season to help others less fortunate than ourselves.  It is the season to be childlike and relish in the excitement that comes at this time. It is the season to uplift the spirits of the children around us.  It is the season to be humble.  It is the season to give thanks for all that we have.
It is not the season to be avaricious in accumulating all that we desire.  It is not the season to overindulge in greedy excess.  It is not the season to feel the pressure to purchase.  It is not the season for reckless spending.  It is not the season to over commit valuable time to redundant events.  It is not the season for selfish pursuits.  It is not the season to burden ourselves with societal pressure to do more, spend more or be more.     
In this season, give your valuable time to seek out thoughtful, simple gifts that are heartfelt and a gesture of your love and appreciation.  These gifts are a mere token of giving generously to those that we care for, and it is our time and effort that matters most.
Willingly spend time with your closest family and friends.  Place no restrictions on this time.  Savour this time. Our lives are endlessly busy, and this small opportunity to be in the moment with the people we care for is invaluable.  Forget insignificant differences and gather, collectively appreciating your time together.  
Reach out to all those people that you encounter in day to day life.  Take this opportunity to thank these people for their contribution, whether it be a minor moment or an immense influence.  See value in every personal encounter and make the small moments matter by uplifting all those around you, and spreading a sense of worthiness.  
Reflect over the last year.  It is amazing how circumstances which previously seemed overwhelming and insurmountable, now seem unworthy of uncertainty or worry.  Cherish the happy times and look back fondly on simple moments of joy.  True happiness abounds in life’s simple moments.  The moments when we are truly focused on the people around us, and what matters most.  Hold onto these deep rooted feelings of contentment, which will provide the inner strength you may need in times ahead. 
Realise that you are able to reach out and positively impact many people around you.  The joy that comes from the smallest act of kindness, towards others, is often immeasurable.  A broad smile, a blanket donation, a listening ear, taking cake to a care centre, writing a heartfelt thank-you note or perhaps taking the time to visit an older family member, are some simple ideas, where the impact of these gestures can only make this season of giving a little happier for each of us.    
Be fun, have fun and instil fun during this season.  This season is about the pure excitement of children, and their eager anticipation should be irresistible to all of us.  Build family traditions and boost our little people’s enthusiasm with special stories, sharing festive meals and creating an understanding that this is a season where family time is valued above all else.

Stay humble this season.  Give time, not money.  Be selfless towards those around you. Give generously, but not recklessly.  Indulge your festive spirit.    And, always give thanks for all that you have.         

Kirsty Jones    
Co-founder: Artisan Lifestyle                                                                            

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