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The Artisan Lifestyle of a Basket Weaver

September 16, 2018

Woven basket

Basket weaving is an intricate handcraft that is passed down from generation to generation.  It is open ended with possibilities for design and vibrant expressions of colour.  It is a form of income, generated by using sustainable materials from a weaver’s natural surroundings. Basket weaving is an artisan lifestyle which perfectly encompasses sustainability, creativity and empowerment. 

At Artisan Lifestyle we collaborate with artisans who are passionate about their handcraft.  We are committed to providing a platform for stylish interior homewares, all of which are created by hand using sustainable materials from southern Africa.  In particular, our woven homeware range showcases an array of interior design accent pieces, stemming from this region.  These functional artefacts are on trend, and bring a beautiful natural element to an interior space.

Handwoven.  Woven baskets.  Artisan lifestyle.

All Artisan Lifestyle basketware and woven products are handmade in the Kingdom of Eswatini (Swaziland).  This Kingdom is steeped in African traditions and the functional art of the basket weavers is a very traditional craft.  Each and every basket weaver, that we have had the privilege of working with, is uniquely skilled in the creation of a particular basket or woven product.  However, these very weavers are always willing to push the boundaries and collaborate on potential new product designs and colourways.  Our Artisan Lifestyle products include handcrafted woven rugs, woven lamp shades, an assortment of woven baskets, woven tableware and woven macramé plant hangers.  Our woven basketware collection is both decorative and functional.  The use of sustainable grasses is environmentally friendly and brings a natural warmth when styling interiors.  Our coloured basketware is created using dyes that are gentle on the environment, and which do not contain any heavy metals or toxic chemicals used as binding agents.

Handwoven interior.  Woven baskets.  Grass weaving.  Artisan lifestyle.

Lutindzi grass is used predominantly in the creation of Artisan Lifestyle handwoven products.  The Lutindzi grass is collected by women living in the rural, mountainous areas of Eswatini (Swaziland).  This grass is gathered after the heavy rains, a time when Lutindzi grass grows in abundance.  This grass is then left outdoors to dry, before being bundled and sold onto basket weavers at the local markets. Basket weavers will then dye the Lutindzi grass and plait strands of grass for woven items such as placemats, floor rugs and macramés.  Basket weaving, using Lutindzi grass, is a true art form which requires skills to be developed over an extended period of time. The shape of many of our woven baskets are created freely without the use of any mould.  All coloured basket patterns are unique and most designs are created by the individual artisan weaver.  Basket weaving is a timely process, and one basket can take days to complete. 
At Artisan Lifestyle we endeavour to work with local artisan communities and provide a global platform to showcase these talented artists, who use incredible creativity and resourcefulness to offer sophisticated home décor products, whilst generating an income and uplifting those around them.  Basket weaving is an authentic artisan lifestyle, which is both stylish and sustainable by design.  It is a traditional craft, yet offers contemporary styling.  Basket weaving is an artisan skill which enhances interior decor and grows our own passion for creative African design.

Eco friendly interior.  Eco friendly dye.  Woven baskets.  Artisan lifestyle.

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