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Supporting the slow movement, sustainability and small business.

November 09, 2017

Supporting the slow movement, sustainability and small business.

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There is a growing movement of savvy individuals choosing to consciously support sustainability, fair trade principles and creative individual enterprise.  This rising wave of individuals are purchasing with a purpose, and are saying no to mass consumerism.  A culture of accumulating an ever increasing array of goods and services is being replaced by the notion that, in fact, less is more.
In our global society where there are many social ills and continuing damage to our natural environments, we need to take responsibility to become more socially aware, look towards preserving our environments, and understand the importance of taking a stance to support the slow movement, which places value in building rich personal relationships. 
This means we need to go back to basics and a good old fashioned value system. We need to create a community that cares for their environment and one another.  We need to slow down and connect. We need to support small business and artisan producers.  We need to understand the source, and the efforts that go into the items that we buy.  We need to reduce our waste.  We need to educate our children about life’s simple pleasures.  We need to teach that it is deep rooted relationships that matter most.  We need to be humble.  We need to change our ways in order to flourish. 
So the challenge I set myself is to join this rising wave of individuals.  The purge will not be overnight.  It will be a gradual transition from a mind-set of accumulation and that ‘this is not my problem’ to a mind-set of living more simply and asking ‘what can I do?’  I am excited at the prospect of what this means.  Already I feel a sense of freedom that comes with unbundling, supporting a greater cause, and knowing that it is always good to challenge the ‘status quo.’  It is liberating to be able to choose to go against the daily grind, to which most feel compelled.  It is an all-encompassing way of life which fulfils a passion for living with meaning and purpose.

Will you join me on this challenge?

Kirsty Jones
Co-founder:  Artisan Lifestyle              


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