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Living Sustainably Part 4: Choose a Life of Freedom

August 17, 2018

Freedom.  Live freely. Sustainable living,

Freedom is powerful.  Freedom is what living is all about.  Freedom allows us to live a life with no limits.  Yet, somehow the choice of freedom seems indulgent, somewhat unobtainable and a life goal that appears to go against the status quo.  Instead, we weigh ourselves down with unnecessary clutter.  Both cluttered thoughts and cluttered material possessions.  Our perceived value systems hold us back from choosing freedom for ourselves. 
Essentially, freedom is consciously becoming mindful of what matters most.  Over the years I have been a slave to my job, entrapped by a ‘beautiful’ home, confined to school zones, disheartened by a lack of quality time for family and friends, and I have experienced personal frustration at knowing that change was needed.  The biggest stumbling block to living a life of freedom, is perversely the fear of letting go of everything holding us back.  I can see this, I understand this, and I can even feel this!  Yet, choosing a life of freedom is a process that takes a considerable amount of unbundling.  Multiple layers of clutter need to unravel before finally being able to walk free. 

Freedom.  Living free.

Currently we are decluttering our home space in a massive way.  This is a simple step, with immense impact.  Everything that is packed away out of sight is being donated, clothing that isn’t a favourite item is being donated, kitchenware is being downscaled to suit our everyday needs and the remainder is being donated.  It’s a feel good factor and liberating all in one!  Mentally we feel lighter and we are ready to take our next step towards freedom.  I no longer wish to feel bound by material possessions, and this is an important life lesson I wish to teach my children.     
There is no value in things.  Real value is in moments, connectedness and spending time in nature.  Wealth should be measured by life experiences.  As a family we love wholesome food, travel and spending time together.  This is what epitomizes true happiness for us, and our ultimate goal is to be creative in freeing ourselves enough to experience this happiness on a daily basis.  Life is for living.  Life is not working to enrich others.  Life is not accepting the status quo.  Life is not letting other people tell you how to live.  Life is embracing what makes you happy.  Life is sharing your joy with family and friends.  Life is about having time for what matters most.  Life is about personal freedom on every level.

Kirsty Jones                                                       
Co-founder: Artisan Lifestyle  

Live sustainably.  Freedom.  Young and free.  Wild child.

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