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Living Sustainably Part 1: Choose Plant-Based Foods

May 18, 2018

Living sustainably.  Eat plant based foods.

Living sustainably is a mind-set, a movement and a way of life that has become vital in safeguarding our future. It is a back to basics approach where natural resources are valued for their undeniable worth, and a point in time when we say no to profits overriding people and greed superseding every need. Living sustainably involves considering the vulnerability of our Earth and treading as lightly as possible.  It is making a conscious decision to ensure future generations can enjoy our same quality of life.   
More and more people are starting to understand the crucial importance of converting to a sustainable way of life, on both a global level and a personal level.  This leads to lifestyle changes, which is when food becomes a focus point, and many people begin to question the source and quality of our food supplies.  
Some alarming facts about the food we consume: 

      • Approximately 70 percent of all antibiotics used in the United States are fed to farm animals, according to a report by the FDA.  A frightening statistic as new ‘superbugs’ increasingly grow resistant to the supply of antibiotics.  These antibiotics are fed to animals, kept in dire conditions, in nothing more than an effort to inflate economic bottom lines.  Sickening – pun intended!

      I have always been someone that LOVES my food.  For years I have been oblivious to the impact of my food choices beyond the sheer taste bud enjoyment … but I am quickly beginning to understand the importance of my diet on health, animal welfare, climate change and the issue of water scarcity.  As a young family, we are slowly adapting to eating a plant based diet.  We are teaching our Plant based foods.  Edible landscaping.  Permaculture.3 boys how planting our own food garden and eating more plants protects our world and our limited natural resources.  Further to advocating a plant based diet, we are choosing to eat organic, seasonal and local foods.  This reduces our carbon footprint, reduces the use of pesticides and herbicides and provides income support to our local food producers.  We are also hoping that by growing our own organic food supply of fruit and vegetables, we may even generate our own small income base!
      Understanding the source of your food and eliminating processed foods may seem daunting and unnecessary, at first, but it ultimately simplifies life.  Eating wholesome, plant based food is a back to basics approach which is all about choosing  food products that are farmed using methods that positively impact both people and the environment. It simply means staying away from foods linked to pesticides and herbicides, excessive plastic packaging and factory farming.  It involves supporting local farming communities, opting for organic food sources and growing your own food.  Which brings me to a concept that I am super excited about - edible landscaping!  Quite simply, we can’t eat lawn, so why not join the ‘small farm movement’ and turn our gardens into spaces filled with edible plants.  It’s a concept which produces a beautiful space, edible rewards, numerous health benefits and these gardens can be designed to be self-sustaining, of course!



      Kirsty Jones
      Co-founder:  Artisan Lifestyle

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