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Interior Trend Alert: Using indoor plants to create a sustainable and stylish space.

February 02, 2018

Recycled glass terrarium

At Artisan Lifestyle we are in love with one of 2018’s greatest interior design trends.  It is all about living greenery.  Plants, plants and more plants … everywhere! Plants are a natural element, which offer a simple and often inexpensive way to literally bring a room to life.  Besides the wellness factor of clearing the air, plants also have the added benefit of being both uplifting and calming to your senses.  Open space and natural light have become somewhat of a premium, and our intrinsic desire to surround ourselves with natural elements has become ever more evident.  At Artisan Lifestyle, our challenge is to enhance all that is natural.  Embracing this plant movement, we intend to laden our interior space with stylish plants and containers that create both a stunning focal point, and a healthy feel good factor.  Below are 5 creative ideas for styling and using plants in your home:

1.  Terrarium  

Recycled glass terrarium


These curvaceous hanging terrariums are beautifully on trend, and a true statement piece for creatively displaying your succulents or other plants. In addition to being a super stylish display for your living greenery, these terrariums are also green from an eco-friendly standpoint.  These pieces are mouth blown by skilled artisans using 100% recycled glass, resulting in a product with timeless style and a modern sense of sustainability. 

2.  Woven Hanging Planter

Handmade hanging planter


These intricately handwoven plant hangers are made from indigenous Lutindzi grass, grown in the Kingdom of Swaziland.  This grass is used for its flexibility and strength, and is sourced after the summer rains when the grass has grown in abundance.  The woman handcrafters weaving these plant hangers have learnt this skill within their communities, and this artisan knowledge has been passed down through generations of weavers.  A stunning natural product adding function to a stylish interior space.

3.  Microgreens

Terracotta planters for microgreen garden


Microgreens are nutrient powerhouses!  They are easy to grow, and can provide you with a year-round source of vegetables right on your kitchen counter.  So if you are looking for an added wellness factor, then microgreens might be the perfect plant addition to your kitchen space.  We think that a wall of terracotta pots on simple wooden shelves would be a gorgeous way to display these pretty powerhouse plants. 


4.  Wall Hangers

Hanging wall planter


We love the idea of growing plants vertically on a wall.  This allows for both greenery and a striking focal point, which creates the perfect opportunity to combine form and functionality.   These ceramic plant hangers provide a well-designed fusion of handcrafted skill, varied colour combinations and functional home styling. 

5.  Upcycling

Upcycled glass plant holder


Reuse old containers to create a quick and inexpensive plant display.  In the above image, an old mason jar has been painted with chalk paint and tied with a hessian string.  Simple but effective.  Fresh flowers can be added, or for more durability succulents look great too!  We also like the look of these repurposed tea tins:

Upcycled tin planter


Going green at home is all about planting living greenery, being creative with your plant displays, looking for an empty space that can be filled with a large plant for designer impact and a feel good factor too.  Plants in the home create a feeling of balance, whilst adding interest and texture to your home interior. At Artisan Lifestyle we intend to take the living greenery trend to the next level, by continuously looking for eco-friendly and sustainably produced planters for our interior plant displays.  Our current mantra is Think Green, Live Green, Love Green!

Should you be looking to source any of these products within the UK, please do feel free to make contact with us directly on  At Artisan Lifestyle we are committed to supporting artisan businesses with a positive social impact, and a desire to boost creative and sustainable design.  SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave


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