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A Quest for Sustainable Interior Design.

October 30, 2017

Sustainable interior design

Artisan Lifestyle originates from a search to do something with purpose, authenticity and a desire for creative enterprise. 

Our Artisan Lifestyle purpose is threefold and is inclusive of: 

Our people.

These are the artisan people that we partner with.  The artisans who provide such incredible skill in creating the products we are proud to sell.  Our purpose is to tell the story of these artisans and to highlight the craft and workmanship that goes into each and every handmade product.

Our passion.

In starting this business we wanted our purpose to stem from our passions.  For us this means combining a love of interior design, African inspiration, and a desire to use natural, organic and recycled materials.

Our promise.

Our promise is to build a brand to be proud of.   A brand that is about artistic skill, and bringing functional artisan pieces into the home.  A brand that is committed to telling the full story of each and every artisan that we will work with.    A brand that is always sensitive to the environment.

In an age of convenience, where the art of handcraft is often absent, we are excited by the challenge to find innovation and creativity, and to be able to highlight the beauty of these handmade artisan products.  Artisan Lifestyle is about authenticity in the home.  All products are created from organic materials and a genuinely skilled hand.
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